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Maramagambo Forest

Maramagambo forest is located in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park in Bushenyi district is well known for cave bat experience. The forest is from Kichwamba escarpment all..

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UWEC Imports Tigers

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) has imported tigers, the cat family after six decades to boost local and international tourism. “The Bengal tigers, sometimes called Indian tigers, is a..

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Most visited sectors in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in south western Uganda, about 45.3 km from Kasese. It is the second largest and oldest park with a large bio diversity covering an..

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Nyero Rock Paintings

This is situated high on top of the hill and has a good view of the surrounding countryside. The Nyero rock paintings are located in eastern Uganda in Kumi district..

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Lesser Flamingos

Lesser flamingos : are the smallest of all flamingos, but has the largest number of population. It is among the unique bird species explored by birders on safari in Uganda...

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The Baker’s Fort (Fort Patiko)

The Baker’s Fort (Fort Patiko) : also referred to as Fort Baker was a military fort built by Samuel Baker in Patiko, Uganda (It’s a piece of the 19th –..

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African Leopards (Panthera pardus)

African Leopards (Panthera pardus)  : are one of the most feared but respected animals in the world. In Uganda; it is called Ngo (Luganda tribe) also one of the 52..

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Sempaya Hot springs

From Fort Portal, the road winds to the enchanting hills, Bundibugyo District, the home of Sempaya hot springs. Bundibugyo, carved out of Kabarole in 1974, is one of the scenic,..

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The Great Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeests migration in the plains of East Africa is one of the world’s most thrilling, intriguing and spectacular displays of wildlife behavior. The migration moves down the eastern side of..

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Amabere Ga NyinaMwiru

This is a cultural site with remarkable history located in western Uganda in Fort portal town near Nyakasura School a few kilometers out of Fort portal town. You can stop..

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