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Amazing Rwanda Safaris

Amazing Rwanda Safaris : this tour takes you to Central Africa, one of the smallest countries on the African mainland. Rwanda is located a few degrees south of the Equator bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rwanda is in the African Great Lakes region and is highly elevated; its geography is dominated by mountains in the west and savanna to the east, with numerous lakes throughout the country. The climate is temperate to subtropical, with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons each year. Rwandans are drawn from just one cultural and linguistic group, the Banyarwanda although within this group there are three subgroups: the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa.  Christianity is the largest religion in the country and the principal language is Kinyarwanda spoken by most Rwandans, with English and French serving as additional official languages. Rwanda’s developing economy suffered heavily in wake of the 1994 genocide, but has since strengthened. The economy is based mostly on subsistence agriculture whereby Coffee and tea are the major cash crops for export.  Tourism is a fast-growing sector and is now the country’s leading foreign exchange earner. Rwanda is one of only two countries in which mountain gorillas can be visited safely and visitors pay high prices for gorilla tracking permits. Music and dance are an integral part of Rwandan culture. Traditional arts and crafts are produced throughout the country, including imigongo, a unique cow dung art.


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