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The wounded African buffalo

The wounded African buffalo :  African buffaloes are one of the most entirely feared animals in Africa, that they have gained different names like “black death” and “widow makers”. The African buffalo has got a huge mass of muscles and represents a deadly threat to anyone who is found in their way; regardless of their tonnage that can range from about 500 kg to 900 kg, they are very fast and brisk and are also very powerful and in addition, they are equipped with huge horns. Buffaloes are among the few animals that cannot respond to a threat with a “fake charge” or with warning behaviors, they prefer, in fact to surprise their enemies, charging it abruptly; they are able to load up to 50 km per hour and put up the bad with large and solid horns. In addition to charging other animals, such as their eternal enemy, the lion, the buffalo can also attack humans, in fact it is responsible for about 200 victims a year; the African buffalo is an animal with a blazing temperament or ill-tempered. These animals immerse themselves in the mud to protect their skin from the sun, ticks and other insects such as houseflies and tsetse flies.

Any buffalo that feels insecure, endangered or threatened, it normally places itself behind a tree or a bush in order to put a barrier to escape from the threat, they usually prefer thorny bushes precisely called the “buffalo thorn” and this is because whilst the buffalos can protect their front with their powerful horns, then the thorns of the bush protect the rest of their body specifically the back that is normally vulnerable. This technique is very effective, so they can save the energies however considering that lions are lazy and hardly attack the buffalo from the front or through something thorny where in both cases they could be injured yet buffaloes do not risk having a fight to save their lives. A wounded African buffalo is of a rough, shaggy, wild in appearance and in a wholly state of nature the African buffalo is brutal and savage. When extremely dangerous, a wounded buffalo may at times make instant or sudden and fierce attacks upon intruders and can generally fly from man to man in case they get a chance to meet and advisably fleeing is the only wise way to deal with a wounded buffalo. The wounded or a closely pressed buffalo is generally a dangerous animal to hunt, confront or to come across. In case he gets a chance of escape, surprisingly he will not turn and run down his enemy or intruder, but will instead plough up the ground with his powerful horns, scattering the soils and stones on all sides and rushes through the thickets and up the rugged sides of the steep ascent with astonishing energy. At most times when urged by revenge, instead of escaping this wounded mammal interestingly returns to attack without any fear and any kind of hesitation and appears in the middle of his enemy or assailants, unfortunately if anyone falls victim to his range, he gores them, harshly crushes upon them and presses upon them his whole weight. Whilst on your safari in Uganda the Pearl of Africa you can spot this amazing fierce and savage mammal in Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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