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Uganda Gorilla trekking permit

Uganda Gorilla trekking permit : Gorilla trekking is one of the best sellers on the tourism market of Uganda. Gorilla trekking, according to the reviews of tourists, it is the most exhilarating activity best done in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is such a sentimental experience and will always make you satisfied.

However, to trek for the mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo, one needs to possess a permit; a document allowing you to participate in gorilla trekking within a given area in Uganda. The gorilla trekking permits also help you find out the group of family of mountain gorillas you are assigned to. On the other side, the mountain gorilla permits are also another way of conservation. The gorilla permits are given out following a system which helps in even visitations of all families of gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. The gorilla trekking permits help to fundraise for the local community, as social corporate responsibility, which in turn sensitizes people about conservation of the wildlife.

Gorilla permit distribution

All the gorilla permits in Uganda are printed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, under the government of Uganda. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is a government body, and responsible for the sale of gorilla permits and distribution to the tour companies. The Uganda Wildlife Authority, distributes about 152 gorilla trekking permits every day, for the visitation of 19 mountain gorilla families in four sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The Uganda Wildlife Authority also sells about 8 permits for the gorilla habituation, for each day. The habituation permits are distributed for the 2 families in the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The other 8 permits for gorilla trekking, are distributed for the gorilla family in Mgahinga National Park; 8 permits every day.

The Uganda mountain gorilla trekking permits are highly demanded by tourists from all over the world. Especially in the peak season, the mountain gorilla permits become highly demanded and precautions need to be taken to secure a permit in time or else miss out. The peak season of mountain gorilla trekking is mainly during the dry season of December, January and February, and June to October. The other months of the year are not competitive for mountain gorilla trekking, however, they are truly suitable for mountain gorilla habituation. For the reason, it is smart of you to always try securing your mountain gorilla trekking permit in advance or earlier enough before the actually trekking day; there is no any permit sold on the day of gorilla trekking. The best is to book your mountain gorilla trekking permit in about 10 to 3 months before the actual gorilla trekking in Uganda. All the mountain gorilla trekking permits are issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, at their offices in Kamwokya- Kampala capital city. However, to avoid running on time, you can trust your tour operator to run for your permit so that you just come and enjoy your gorilla trekking in Uganda.  To note, the local tour operators are available to help you process you gorilla trekking permit in Uganda.

Price of gorilla trekking now

The covid 19 saga and the lockdown in the whole world got tourism industry off the set, due to restricted travels and locked airports.  The setback in tourism, perhaps, led to the discounted gorilla trekking permits in Uganda, due to the low season of gorilla trekking. Also other facilities like lodges, car hire services are selling at a discounted price in order to come out of the depression. The mountain gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are sold at 700usd, per permit per person, for trekkers to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. You can directly apply for the mountain gorilla permit online by yourself, or use the assistance of your travel operator to book for you a mountain gorilla permit in Uganda. The charge for the mountain gorilla trekking permit is given to the local community as a fund from the corporate social responsibility.

On a contrary, the nationals of Uganda book their mountain gorilla trekking permits at 70usd; for Ugandans, Kenyans, and others from the East African community. Still the tourists from the East African community, will need to book for their gorilla trekking permits in advance to avoid missing out on gorilla trekking. No doubt, Uganda today, is the best destination for mountain gorilla trekking in terms of cost and the number of gorilla families. The prices for the mountain gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are affordable, and there is always a 100 percent chance of seeing gorillas in the jungle of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks.

Regulations for gorilla permits

The gorilla permits are legal licenses allowing you and your colleagues to visit a particular mountain gorilla family. The different gorilla permits issued are designed basing on the choice of the tourist on the gorilla family needed, the age of the tourist, and other interests. The mountain gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are only and only issued to the travellers above the age of 15years old. The children below the age of 15years are considered too young for mountain gorilla trekking. Also sick travellers will be stopped from joining mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Gorilla permit booking requirements

To book for your gorilla trekking permit in Uganda, you will be asked to comply with us or any other tour operators for the smooth flow of the booking process. The gorilla trekking permit is a legal document and your profile is always a requirement, such as;

  • Your name is very important for easy identification; the nation on the gorilla trekking permit should be the same name you legally use on all your documents like the visa and passport.
  • Details of your passport are needed by the Uganda wildlife authority to print your permit. Your details on the passport should match with the details on the gorilla trekking permit to avoid unwanted drama.
  • You are required to pay a certain percentage as booking fee for your gorilla trekking permit, to your tour operator. The tour operator will use the fee paid to process all your permit documents.

Gorilla trekking permit validity

The Uganda gorilla trekking permit is always valid from the time when the trekking start, until it is done for the day. The gorilla trekking permit to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park will allow you to see the mountain gorillas for specific period of time. Your gorilla permit is valid until the one hour for interacting with your gorilla family elapses. The validity of your mountain gorilla trekking permit includes the time spend while tracking your gorilla family plus the one hour of encounter; after that, the validity expires. To note, the mountain gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are valid for only one day. Remember that you can only book for you mountain gorilla trekking permit online, or via your tour operator still online. Also don’t forget to book in time, about 4 months before the actual trekking day.  For more, you can talk with us for the best bespoke safari in Uganda.

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